Prepping, sodding and seeding services

Kastrau Landscaping & Nurseries uses high quality sod for all our client projects. The sod we use is thick and very resilient which is essential to ensuring a lush and durable landscape.

We prepare the soil prior to sodding and seeding to ensure you are setup correctly. We can grade and cultivate the soil to ensure it is level, and remove objects such as sticks, stones, or debris. After this we’ll lay and roll your sod or seeds to ensure good root contact with the soil, then water your sod or seeds. This allows the sod to root faster and stay greener while also preventing erosion from occurring.

Quality work every time

Kastrau landscapers apply the same level of effort to every job so you can rest assured knowing we take the extra time to make sure your sod takes root quickly.

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We provide sodding and seeding services to Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster and the surrounding area. Give us a call at 905 529 9323 to find out more.