Make Your Landscape Stand Out and Enjoy the View Year Round


Evergreens are great because, as their name implies, their leaves stay green year around. Bring some life and vibrancy to your landscape, even during the coldest and most frigid winters. We have conifer trees as well as Broadleaf evergreens and cedar hedges available to suit your landscape and soil type.

Cedar Hedging

Kastrau Landscaping & Nurseries offers a selection of cedar hedges of various sizes. Hedges grow very quickly and can be left to grow freely for added privacy; or can be neatly pruned or shaped depending on your tastes and needs.

Evergreens and cedar hedges add shade all year and act as natural sound barriers or fences to line walkways, segment your property, or add extra privacy. Evergreens are very low maintenance and are great for filling empty spaces or patches as well.

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Evergreens and cedar hedges can dramatically change a landscape, that’s why it’s important to work with a supplier with the right experience and knowledge. Kastrau Landscaping & Nurseries has provided landscaping and nursery services for over 50 years and is a respected member of Landscape Ontario & the Canadian Landscape Nursery Association.

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